Wine Wednesday at Kipos

Here at Kipos we don’t believe in just trudging through the mid-week slump, we believe in a mid-retsina1week celebration with Wine Wednesday! Bringing a carefully curated selection of vintages from boutique wineries throughout Greece to you at an exclusive Wednesday price.

This week one of our favorite bottles is on the list,
Papagiannakos Retsina, a Savatiano from Attica (located in Central Greece). Retsina is a resinated white wine originally created out of necessity from pine resin, however nowadays Retsina is a Greek wine essential, known for it’s crisp and herbal notes. Retsina wines pair effortlessly with dishes containing rosemary, mint and dill, which is the perfect excuse to share a bottle with our new cold mezzede: ouzo-cured salmon on a pillow of jewel vegetables finished with dill.